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Sulfamic acid

Chemical formula of sulfamic acid: H3NSO3

Other names for sulfamic acid : amidosulfuric acid, amidosulfonic acid, amidosoder water, sulfamic acid

Sulfamic acid is an approximately strong acid with a molecular mass of 97.10 g / mol. Sulfamic acid is non-toxic, non-volatile and odorless and is not dangerous. In fact, it looks like wet snow.

Application of sulfamic acid :
  • Used in the paint and resin industry for the production of pigments, pigments and resins.
  • As a catalyst for the esterification process
  • Used in sodium silicate production plants.
  • In the preparation of ammonium sulfate is one of the consumables.
  • Used in the pharmaceutical industry to make and produce many therapeutic drugs.
  • Used as an acid detergent in industry.
  • Used to remove corrosion and limestone in the ceramic industry.
  • Used in the paper industry to make pulp and paper as a chloride stabilizer.
Used as a coagulant of urea-formaldehyde resins.
  • Used in the plating industry for nickel plating and nitrogen oxide.

In organic chemistry laboratories, many organic compounds use this acid for sulfate and sulfamation.

  • Used for the production of chemicals as well as in the separation of nitrite ions.
Used in swimming pools to stabilize chlorine.
  • Used in industry for cooling towers or cooling towers and water purification and electroporation and as a diluent in condensers.
  • In the plastics and textile industries
  • In order to remove protein deposits when pasteurizing food industry devices
  • Used to remove dirt and scale in the boiler and as a polish for the equipment surface.
  • In the production of materials for fire extinguishing capsules

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