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Potassium hydroxide

Chemical formula of potassium hydroxide: KOH

Applications and benefits of potassium hydroxide

It is used to make fertilizers that provide the element potassium (one of the main sources of plant nutrition) for crops.

Helps regulate the pH of acidic soils.

Used in fungicides.

A mixture of phosphoric acid (a non-pesticide compound) and potassium hydroxide is sprayed regularly on plants to prevent disease and pests. Therefore, the crops that are collected will no longer have pests.

Potassium hydroxide is used as an alkaline substance to regulate the pH of solutions and to neutralize acidity. In chemical analysis, it is also a valuable factor for titrating acids and determining their concentration.

It is used in the production of soft drinks, chocolate and cocoa.

In animals: Potassium hydroxide is also used to remove scales, skin and hair in animals.

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