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آمونیوم پرسولفات
Ammonium persulfate

Chemical formula of ammonium persulfate: (NH4)2S2O8 Other names of ammonium persulfate: Ammonium Proxy Sulfate...

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آمونیوم کلراید-فدک دیار کیمیا
Ammonium chloride

Chemical formula of ammonium chloride: NH4CL Ammonium chloride is an inorganic compound and a...

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پتاسیم هیدروکساید
Potassium hydroxide

Chemical formula of potassium hydroxide: KOH Applications and benefits of potassium hydroxide It is...

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کربونات پتاسیم-فدک دیار کیمیا
Potassium carbonate

Chemical formula of potassium carbonate: K2CO3 Other names: Pearl ash, Potash carbonate, Tartar salt...

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مونو آمونیوم فسفات
Mono ammonium phosphate

Chemical formula of agricultural mono ammonium phosphate: NH4H2PO4 Also known as agricultural mono ammonium...

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Chemical formula of glycine:C2H5NO2 Glycine is a glycogenic, non-essential and non-polar amino acid that...

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اسید فسفریک- فذک دیار کیمیا
Phosphoric acid

Chemical formula of phosphoric acid: H3PO4 Types of phosphoric acid: Food grade , Industrial...

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مونو پتاسیم فسفات
Mono potassium phosphate(MKP)

Chemical formula of agricultural monopotassium phosphate: KH2PO4 Another name of agricultural monopotassium phosphate: Potassium...

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سولفات منگنز- فدک دیار کیمیا
Manganese Sulfate

Chemical formula of  manganese sulfate: MnSO4 in the earth's crust, manganese compounds are in...

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Cobalt sulfate

Chemical formula of cobalt sulfate: COSO4 Other names of cobalt sulfate: Red alum Cobalt...

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کلسیم استات- فدک دیار کیمیا
Calcium acetate

Chemical formula of calcium acetate: Ca(CH3COO)2 Kind of calcium acetate: creamy , white (high...

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استات پتاسیم-فدک دیار کیمیا
Potassium acetate

Chemical formula of potassium acetate: KCH3COO Potassium acetate is a mineral chemical compound in...

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