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Phosphoric acid

Chemical formula of phosphoric acid: H3PO4

Types of phosphoric acid: Food grade , Industrial

Other names: Orthophosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is one of the most widely used chemicals. Most of the phosphoric acid produced (about 80%) is used for agriculture, the other part (about 10%) is used as an additive in cleaners, insecticides and as an additive in animal feed and the rest (10%). It is used orally (carbonated drinks). The method of industrial production of this acid is created by adding this substance to phosphate rock.

Used of phosphoric acid:

Remove iron rust

Production of livestock and poultry feed supplements such as di calcium phosphate

Application in detergents such as trisodium phosphate and sodium triphosphate

Production of purifiers and coagulants in the water and wastewater industry

Production of industrial phosphate cleaners and preparation of phosphate salts

Production of flame retardants for firefighting

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