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Potassium carbonate

Chemical formula of potassium carbonate: K2CO3

Other names: Pearl ash, Potash carbonate, Tartar salt

Potassium carbonate: A white salt that is soluble in water (not soluble in ethanol)

Properties of potassium carbonate:

Pure potassium carbonate is solid at room temperature. This substance is irritating to the skin and causes more damage in contact with the eyes and if left untreated, it can cause tissue problems. Potassium carbonate is unusable, non-explosive and non-toxic. But it is an alkaline and dangerous substance for the skin and eyes.

Consumption of potassium carbonate:

Potassium carbonate has various uses and is usually used in the textile industry, textile, food industry, detergent and health and cosmetics, chemical manufacturing, chemical fertilizers, soap and …. It is also used in the production of printing inks and inks. One of the main applications of this compound is in the field of glass making. Potassium carbonate is also used in the manufacture of cathode ray tubes, TV lamps and optical lenses. It is also a much safer alternative to potassium hydroxide, often used in batteries and other applications.

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