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Sodium nitrite

Chemical formula of sodium nitrite : NaNO2

Sodium nitrite is a highly unstable inorganic compound and only releases NO if the pH is low. This product is white crystalline (yellowish) in appearance and is offered in two forms, liquid and powder, which is very soluble in water. Sodium nitrite, used as a precursor to organic compounds, is used as an additive in industries such as the paint industry, the production of toxins, the pharmaceutical industry, and in the food industry. Sodium nitrite is used alongside sodium thiosulfate and in the World Health Organization, the drug grade sodium nitrite is one of the safest and most effective drugs. This product is offered in two types of food and industrial.

Applications of sodium nitrite:
.pharmaceutical Industries
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Production of toxins
  • Food industry (food preservative)
  • Garment industry (printing and dyeing)
  • Photography

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