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HF acid

Chemical formula of hydrofluoric acid : HF

Other names for fluoridic acid: Hydrofluoric acid, HF acid, Fluoric acid

Types of fluoridic acid: water – free, water soluble


Safety of fluoride acid use:

This substance is toxic and the fluoride ions in the solution or steam of HF acid attack the skin tissues and bones and cause serious damage to them and these damages will continue until all these ions are consumed.

Immediate burning and pain are not noticeable when damaged with fluoride acid( burns with this acid do not become apparent for hours after contact with it), but ions are severely degraded beneath body tissues and should not be easily  detected at first.

inhalation of HF gas can cause permanent damage to the lungs. In case of contact with it, the treatment method is different from strong acids such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid.

Fluoridic acid has several uses:

  1. Polymer industries
  2. Chemical industries
  3. Automotive industries
  4. ….

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