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Cobalt sulfate

Chemical formula of cobalt sulfate: COSO4

Other names of cobalt sulfate: Red alum

Cobalt sulfate is a combination of cobalt and sulfur. The most common from of cobalt sulfate is its hydrated form. This compound is available in the form of red crystal powder. It is soluble on water, slightly soluble in ethanol and especially soluble in methanol. Cobalt sulfate and cobalt carbonate are both major sources of cobalt oxide is very low.

Cobalt sulfate is usually produced by the reaction of cobalt metal with sulfuric acid.

Consumption of cobalt sulfate:

Color and glass: Cobalt sulfate is used in the preparation of pigments (blue cobalt and green cobalt) and as coatings for porcelain glazes, ceramics and glass (like other cobalt salts). Cobalt pigments are used in the production of porcelain and glass.

medical: In medicine, cobalt sulfate is used as a radioactive metal in radiation therapy (radiography).The medical use of cobalt is mostly in vitamin B1. vitamin B12 and cobalt are used to treat certain types of anemia. Injectable cobalt alts are used as an antidote to cyanide poisoning.

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