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Cobalt oxide

Chemical formula of cobalt oxide : Co3O4

Cobalt oxide is a mineral whose crystals are olive green, dark red, gray with black.

As you know, cobalt oxide is the most widely used in the ceramic industry and is used for aqueous glazes and enamels.

Applications of cobalt oxide

Medicine: It is also widely used in the production of superconductors, semiconductors, sensors, MRIs and biomedicine, but its nanoscale biological synthesis with a completely green method for the production of cobalt oxide nanoparticles has been a major breakthrough in the medical sciences.

The nanoparticles of this material show different antibacterial potential against different pathogenic bacterial strains. These compounds are more compatible with red blood cells than macrophages and have antioxidant, regenerative and enzyme inhibitory properties. The compound also has the potential to treat leishmaniasis, but more studies are needed to determine its compatibility and non-toxicity to living cells.

Cobalt salts are usually made by the activity of suitable acids on cobalt metal or cobalt oxide. Some cobalt salts, especially their organic compounds, are excellent paint dryers, varnishes and inks. Cobalt linolates, resins, oleates, stearates and naphthenates contain 4 to 12% cobalt, which are used for various applications.

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